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The Crew

The 1985 crew     The 2005 crew

1985 Crew

Simon Le Bon
UK - Lead singer of Duran Duran and the person behind this crazy idea!
Duran Duran
Paul Berrow
UK - Ex Owner of Drum and former manager of Duran Duran
Mike Berrow
UK - Ex Owner of Drum and former manager of Duran Duran
Skip Novak
US - Famous sailor in high latitudes. Mountaineer and journalist
Phil Wade
South Africa. - Well known ex racing sailor and now skipper of the Super yacht Timoneer
John Irving
UK - Partner of Nautor UK - Agent for Swan Yachts.
Terry Gould
New Zealand - Well known ex racing sailor and now co skipper of Superyacht Adix
Rick Tomlinson
UK - One of the top world yachting photographers
Rick Tomlinson Photography
Chris Barker
New Zealand - Boat builder and racing sailor
Max Bourgeois
France - Yacht captain in the Mediteranean
Roger Nilson
Sweden - Renowned Swedish sailor who recently navigated on "Orange" - see below
Phil Holland
New Zealand - Yacht broker in Auckland and ex racing sailor. Brother of designer Ron Holland
Neil Cheston
UK/France - Ex yacht captain and racer, now yacht broker in the south of France
Bruno Peyron
France - Probably most famous sailor in France, Bruno has just smashed the world record by 9 days on maxi catamaran "Orange"
Pascal Pellat-Finet
France - Captain of super yacht "Tiara" and helicopter pilot
Chas from Tas
Australia - Very well known sailor all over the world
Trevor Dowe
Phil Barrett
UK - Racing sailor now living in Australia with his own Sparmaking and Rigging business. He skippered Drum after the Whitbread Race
Johnny Le Bon
UK - Brother of Simon Le Bon and successful osteopath
Johnson Wooderson
UK - Very well known sailor who has crewed on many race boats.
Malcolm McKeag
UK - Yachting journalist
John Toon
New Zealand - Made the Drum film
John Toon
Micke Olsen
Sweden - Swedish crewmember now working in Sweden
Magnus Olson
Sweden - Probably one of the most well known racing sailors in Sweden. Not on board at the time of Drum capsize, but first on the scene with another boat in the race. Watch captain for Whitbread Race and leading figure
Janne Gustaffson

2005 Crew

UPDATE: At the last minute Skip Novak could not make it as he was stuck in the ice on Pelagic in the North West Passage. However Micke Olsen turned up so there were still 14 of the original crew on board for the Fastnet. Max also sent a last minute message to say that he could not make it as he was on board his boat in a storm off Corsica and could not come to the dinner.

The following 14 members of the original crew listed below will be sailing on Arnold Clark Drum on the Fastnet Race 2005:
  • Simon Lebon
  • Skip Novak
  • Phil Wade
  • Phil Holland
  • Roger Nilsen
  • John Wooderson
  • Terry Gould
  • John Toon
  • John Irving
  • Neil Cheston
  • Chas from Tas
  • Phil Barrett
  • Johnny Lebon
  • Chris Barker
Other crew members include In Addition, at the Reunion Dinner on Friday 5th August there will also be the following Drum crewmates
  1. Michael Berrow
  2. Paul Berrow
  3. Pacal Pellat Finet
  4. Max Bourgeois
  5. Malcolm Mckeag
TRIVIA: There will be a total of 20 crew on board for the race. There are 7 Johns and 3 Phils!