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Jacaranda Films Update

News from Jacaranda Films is that the documentary will be available in mid October. We will post another notice when this comes about.

Jacaranda Films will produce a limited DVD edition, running time about 1 hour 20 minutes and would like to see how many people would be interested in owning a copy. The cost will depend on what interest there is, but less than a 1000 it would be 50.00 euros per copy.

If you are interested in purchasing an exclusive,limited edition DVD then please email Jacaranda Films at jacarandafilms@netscape.net.

There is a malicious rumour going around that we retired from the Fastnet Race as we were getting low on wine and Mount Gay Rum.

We would like to assure everyone that this is totally untrue ( we had more than adequate) and that we fought tooth and nail against mountainous seas and great hardship, but due to pressing engagements (we had another party organised) we decided to get our priorities right and turned on the engine and motored back to Plymouth. We did however stop at the Scilly Isles for some refreshments at the Mermaid Inn, where Simon left us to fly out to Tokyo for his next concert. We arrived safely in Plymouth at 0800 on Thursday morning.

Well the party is over and a great time was had by all!

Below are some of the comments and we invite anyone interested to post a message here by sending us an email. We would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all of our sponsors as well as the people that helped us along the way and the others that sent messages of support. A very big THANK YOU!

Donations are still rolling in for the RNLI and we are now over 8,000 pounds and rising. I think we also did a pretty good job of raising the awareness of this voluntary organisation as well. Thanks again - PHil Wade.


From a Duran Duran fan

Dear Sir / Madam,
It would be absolutley great if the guys could come up with something. I think it would be an attraction to many (fans, like myself & other people in general) & if it helps the RNLI fund it's got to be worth it as, more people need to be aware of the RNLI due to the wonderful work they do & not be taken for granted.

Thanks to Simon, I'm now more aware of it all than I was before & will be donating to the RNLI every month from now on. Simon & the crew of Drum have my sponsership twice & I will sponser them again when they have finished the race.

Just a thought / suggestion for any other forthcoming fastnet races by the Drum crew. Wouldn't it be great if we started a sponsorship thing going early ready for any future race as, it must involve alot of hard work etc to get this event happening without even raising awareness for the RNLI & funds for it. I think it would be good, shows we all care about our Drum crew & offer them the support they need to continue with the race & continued support for the RNLI that we should not forget just because this year's race has finished. It's great that the guys all had a fantastic time -they are like a family that belong together - so, let's hope they decide to continue as, I'm sure there would be many supporters behind them, me being one.

Love to all the Drum crew.


Dear Phil
What a strong job you and Anne did to get us altogether,from all over the world for the Drum reunion. Of course we missed the Skip, Rick and Bruno etc but wasn't it great that most of us could make it and relive that day twenty years ago when we really needed each other and all the crew met the challenge and supported each other so magnificently.

I think that we will always have each other in our thoughts and our mutual respect will not dim too much over time.

This means of course that we need to have a date in our minds when we meet again. Whether this involves sailing together again or meeting at some special regatta or event in the future does not matter,the meeting together is what matters.

To you all, I am proud to be your friend - just keep in touch
All the best
John Wooderson


One event that happened during the race caused us all a lot of mirth. We had a phone call to say that a journalist had called up to ask about Chas and what was this company "TAS"? Chris Barker came back as quick as a flash and said T.A.S stood for Tell Another Story!!


Race Diary

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Tuesday, August 9:

At 1630 hrs. today Arnold Clark Drum was 25 miles from the Fastnet in flat calm conditions. We knew from early days that if the weather was any way light we might have a problem in finishing the race. Simon is flying out to Tokyo the end of the week for a concert, so we were always working to a tight schedule to ensure that he could honour his commitment to his fans.

After a very careful review of the forecast and our programme, we decided to retire from the race, motor ‘round the Fastnet in daylight and then motor back to Plymouth. We’ll have completed the course at least.

Obviously, we’re disappointed not to finish the race, but we’re all well and having a good time on board. The memories we have of this amazing second adventure together will be treasured by us all.

We want to thank you all for your support throughout this project. Those who helped, sent messages of good wishes, and who made donations to the RNLI. Please do continue to support this very worthy service. Since the RNLI was founded in 1824, its lifeboats have saved over 136,600 lives.

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Monday, August 8:

1800 hrs. Monday, we're 150 miles from the Fastnet doing 7kts. in glorious conditions. What a comparison to the '85 race! Everybody is in great form and we all are thoroughly enjoying being out here and getting to spend time with each other again.

(0600 hrs. Tuesday Arnold Clark Drum passed Labadie Bank, which is approx. 75 miles off the Fastnet)

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Monday, August 8:

We're Racing!
Everybody’s in great spirits aboard Arnold Clark Drum this morning after almost 24 hours racing. Our time in Cowes was very busy, between the final preparations for the race, the arrival of the remainder of the crew, and publicity commitments, so its good to now be out at sea and settled into a watch system.

We started at 1220 hrs. Sunday and headed out 15 miles into the Channel, where we got a fair breeze. This continued through the night, but has gone light now on Monday morning. However, so far we feel we have done well.

We had a very historic moment at 0900 hrs. when we passed south of the original position off Falmouth where we lost the keel in ’85. There was a big sigh of relief from both the boat and ourselves that sounded remarkably like the popping of a champagne cork…

As we write, we have 210 miles to go to the Fastnet and the winds are showing light to variable. It could be a slow race.

We’ll try to submit regular reports throughout the race, but we could well find that we will be out of range until we reach the Fastnet.


Thanks also to Raymarine for the loan of a chart plotter


We’ve just heard that Camper & Nicholsons yacht brokers (http://www.cnconnect.com/) have come on board to sponsor the Drum Reunion Dinner on Friday night, and that Plymouth Yacht Haven have kindly donated free dockage for Arnold Clark Drum after the Fastnet Race.(http://www.yachthavens.com)

Any money we can save in organising the overall campaign will be donated to the RNLI, so having sponsorship like this is especially appreciated by us all.

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Wednesday, August 3:

Arnold Clark Drum arrives in Cowes
Arnold Clark Drum reached the Solent at 0430 hrs. Wednesday, eventually arriving alongside in Cowes at 0800 hrs.

These next four days will be very busy, cleaning and preparing the yacht for the Fastnet Race, greeting the remainder of the crew as they arrive in Cowes, and doing some publicity work to encourage all of you to make a donation to the RNLI. Remember, these guys and gals go through rigorous training, both locally and at HQ in Poole, and then are available in all weather, through all seasons, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – on a voluntary basis.

One of our core tasks in Cowes will be provisioning the yacht for the race. We will have to have enough food on board to feed 20 grown men over 4 days, with only a 2 burner stove for cooking (well, 4 rings, but we have big pots), and no oven. Weight is everything on a racing yacht, with every pound slowing her progress. Many yachts choose to use incredibly light and easy to stow freeze dried food, to which you just add water. But not us.

Our secret weapon for the race will be Phil Wade, superyacht supercaptain and a killer chef to boot. The plan is, he’ll keep us so well fed and happy we’ll be the best focused crew out there. Let’s have a look at what Phil rustled up in the galley for the delivery trip : Irish Stew (we WERE coming down the Irish Sea), and pre-roasted chicken. Then we met some kind fishermen in Liverpool and managed sole on the bone for dinner Sunday night, with fishcakes for lunch on Monday. Included on the menu for the Fastnet Race are roast lamb and beef, curries and beef bourginone. All the food will be prepared and frozen in advance so all Phil has to do is heat at a thirty degree angle and serve on a bed of rice.

As regards weight on board… Perhaps we’ll ask the guys to chop the ends off their toothbrushes.

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Tuesday, August 2:

This time yesterday we were experiencing light winds off Cardigan Bay. 24 hours later, we’ve made great progress and at 1815 hrs. Tuesday we are south of Start Point (near Dartmouth) making 9 kts. under spinnaker. The weather is fantastic and we’re hoping that this is a sampler of the weather we’ll get for the Fastnet Race.

Our current ETA for Cowes is 1000 hrs. Wednesday. After that the serious work will begin!

Report from Arnold Clark Drum, Monday, August 1:

Arnold Clark Drum had a busy series of corporate engagements in Liverpool over the weekend. In the meantime, six more of our Fastnet Race crew arrived on Saturday and another three on Sunday. A total complement of fourteen, including Capt. John Fitzgerald and another two full time crew members, departed Liverpool on Sunday evening.

We’re making slow progress. At 1700 hrs. today we were at the southern end of Cardigan Bay. However, with a light breeze behind us and plenty of sunshine - and hearing that its raining in Cowes – we’re in no rush, happy to be out at sea and settling back into life on board with the old Drum crew. Many of us haven’t seen each other in years, and certainly to have such a large group of us together in the one place is an experience that hasn’t been repeated in twenty years. Its good to catch up with everyone as we get through the preparation work for the race.


Drum (now called Arnold Clark Drum) left Glasgow on Wednesday night to head for Cowes and this year’s Fastnet Race. Simon Le Bon, lead singer with Duran Duran, has gathered together the original crew – including Bruno Peyron, Roger Nilson and Skip Novak – to compete in the 2005 race, which starts on Sunday, August 7.

Phil Wade and Chas from Tas are on board for the delivery trip and sent this report on Thursday, July 28:

‘We left Glasgow at 2000 hrs. last night. We had a good night, with comfortable NE’ly wind. However, at 0700 hrs. today the wind increased to 30 / 35 kts. We’re now off the Isle of Man and its raining solidly, with visibility of half a mile.

Tonight we’re scheduled to arrive in Liverpool to participate in a corporate event. We’ll be joined there by other members of the original crew to do the trip to Cowes.’

It is 20 years since the fateful day in 1985 when Drum’s keel fell off and the 24 crew took a reluctant swim in the English Channel. Simon is using this Reunion as a fundraising exercise for the RNLI, who were on hand to rescue them.