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rnli icon One of the objectives of the Drum Reunion is to raise money for the RNLI who were there when we needed them 20 years ago off Falmouth. Please click on the link on this page to make a donation, however small to help this worthy cause. They are completely private and only funded by private and corporate donations.

If you do make a donation we would like to put your name up on this page and keep a running total to see how much we can collect.

C'mon everybody - give generously and save lives!!! It is real easy and they will even take a credit card.
If you are a UK taxpayer, by using the our donation page, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

  1. Our first donor is Ken Rohan, owner of "Regardless" (see story below).€1,000!(£669)
  2. Law Clark: Thank you for saving the life of my "Legendary Uncle Phil" on Drum!£50
  3. Paul & Danielle Exall: To the brave men and women of RNLI, a job well done, thank you.£10
  4. Steve,Nay and the Twins: Thanks Guys, keep up the good work. Happy sailing.£10
  5. John Fawcett: £200
  6. Mick Dixon,Cork - Ireland: Thanks to Phil Bt & team, for 4 months magic sailing, Oct 1989, Niolargue, Antigua, Venezuela.
  7. Rob Lansing: £50
  8. Stephanie Gould: Thank you for keeping my husband safe. £50
  9. Skip Novak: OK boys, let's go! £100
  10. Phil,Karen & Taylor Holland: It has to be worth the helicopter ride who's next ?? £100
  11. Richmond Heavies Yacht Club: Can the RNLI rescue the 'Lions' as well?! £100
  12. Mike Tillett: £100
  13. Richard and Sally Dalzell: Hope you make it this time - but steer well clear of all lighthouses and other marker buoys! £100
  14. Andrew & Dina Goodenough: Wishing you all a meilleur voyage. £100
  15. Symmetry: £100
  16. Karen Leverington: Enjoy the ride. £100
  17. John Heimsath: I challenge all other Practising Pilates Fastnet sailors to match my donation . £100
  18. Robert Vallings: If Woody's golf is a yardstick I think you are safer at sea.Congratulations .£50
  19. Luke Turpin: one of the first Duranies to sponsor and hopefully not the last! £220
  20. Frederique Van Gulik : Skip, give 'm hell ! And please keep Mr wild boy alive - we've got December tickets ;-)
  21. Jeremy Janion: £100
  22. Fay Smith: My Uncle was the cox on the Padstow boat that assisted previously. Good Luck. Also a Duranie! £20
  23. Patti Neske: £10
  24. Barry Whitaker:£100
  25. Michael Tibbatts: Keep it Up! 50
  26. Catherine Madsen: Good luck to Drum & her crew. Have a great race, megafundraise & come 1st! Love to Simon too xxxxxxx £10
  27. Caroline O'Connell: My family knows RNLI volunteers. They do excellent work. Thanks. £20
  28. Sarah Bradley: Good luck guys – keep safe! £20
  29. Sarah Joseph: Wishing fair weather and calm seas! Take care xxx £100
  30. Stephanie Banks: good luck!!! £20
  31. Kate Burland: Come & visit us all in The Plume of Feathers, Portscatho for a Drum renunion drink! £50
  32. Jennifer Forse: Best of luck to you Simon and the rest of the crew. We love you Simon! £20
  33. ConocoPhillips Ireland: ConocoPhillips Ireland supporting "Drum Reunion" wishing you, your crew, and all participants in The Fastnet Race Safe Sailing.(€1000) £690
  34. Ian Dubin: Regards to Chas (no piss!) & Neil. Thanks Neil for getting Gerry out of the clink in Sardinia in 84. £20
  35. Diana Potter: Good luck to Simon & all the crew, enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Go Drum! £10
  36. Anonymous:
  37. Jo Hutchings: Good Luck to Simon and the Crew. I hope you have a safe and wonderful time!! £10
  38. Telefónica Móviles S.A.: The Vo70 movistar team wishes to offer you their support. £1000
  39. Woody's friends hope the RNLI will not be needed by him again. They have made the following donations:
    1. Spike Espey: £50
    2. James Aarvold: £40
    3. Andrew Barker: £50
    4. Rodney Milne: £50
    5. John Wooderson on behalf of Charlie and Carmen Wright: £80
    6. Wow, Paul and Mike Berrow have donated £1000 to RNLI: £1000
  40. noreengilmartin £100.00
  41. Lian & Gus Darroch-Warren 'Wild Boys' my favourite! Have fun Phil & hope you raise lots for the RNLI! £20.00
  42. miki In memory of Mr Ron Taylor - Stay safe, Simon! We've got to see you in Tokyo. £20.00
  43. gloria guillen trevino In Memory of Mr. Ron Taylor-Good Luck Team £100.00
  44. Tiger von Pagel Thank you RNLI for all your work - Poseidon guide you, calm seas, fair winds, kind sirens, sailors. £10.00
  45. Clare Milner Good Luck to the Drum crew and all other sailors. £10.00
  46. Anonymous £10.00
  47. Alison Grainger, NC, USA Many thanks to RNLI for the invaluable service you provide. Godspeed to Simon & the Drum crew! £100.00
  48. Wendy Butler BEST WISHES (from the U.S.) to the entire DRUM crew. STAY SAFE -HAVE FUN & WIN!!!!!! £30.00
  49. Sally41 Sail on, Simon. Good luck to you and the crew! £10.00
  50. louise this is in memory of andy taylors dad. a proud duranie sends all her best wishes to you all £10.00
  51. Claire Fidd All of you take great care and stay safe. God Bless xxx £20.00
  52. Andrew Statham £100.00
  53. Andrea All The best to everyone on this journey! £10.00
  55. Geena D'Entremont Best of luck to you all £50.00
  56. Anonymous £20.00
  57. DuranieChick Congrats on the Reunion, Good Luck, and God Bless! Luv Ya Simon! £10.00
  58. Carole Ross Another Durannie.... one of many!! Keep safe... xx £10.00
  59. S. Dua (sadumas) Good Luck to Simon & Crew. Stay Safe. It's for a worthy cause. :-) xxxx to simon! :o) £5.00
  60. Junko £20.00
  61. Jennifer Bell RNLI-Thank you. Simon, have the ride of your life as that is what you have provided us fans. £5.00
  62. veronica bianchi the sea is magic, it's life! Enjoy your adventure! Buona Fortuna Simon and crew! £10.00
  63. Angela Meegdes Good luck to Simon & the Crew, have a great race an stay safe!!! X £10.00
  64. Anna Denney Wishing you all a safe journey. £15.00
  65. Carla Barbera Best of Luck and the swiftest of winds to Simon & the Drum Crew! XOXO £5.00
  66. Loretta Ramirez Best of luck to the crew. And, Simon, take care of yourself. Lots of love sent your way. £20.00
  67. Anonymous £5.00
  68. Anonymous £20.00
  69. Nancy C Love like sweetest reward Let it flow It flows back to you..... Best Wishes Drum crew! £20.00
  70. E Arritt Thanks to the RNLI for all their hard work, and best of luck to the Drum and her crew! £10.00
  71. Carmen Palaumbo Good luck Drum! Take care £20.00
  72. Vicki Chapman Reach up for the Sunrise! Good luck to the crew of Drum and to Simon. Stay safe. £10.00
  73. Jenny Stuart Good Luck, Keep Safe. Love to you all especially SimonX £10.00
  74. Mark Cooper Poetry is my life £20.00
  75. A Nonny Mouse Godspeed and safe passage to you all. £20.00
  76. Clara La Combre From my sister Mandy & myself. Keep safe you old sea dogs! £20.00
  77. Anneliek van der Linde Hit it Boys, make me proud! £10.00
  78. Alison English All the best everyone! Charley, we need another album, so be safe - all of you! Alison xx £100.00
  79. Stephanie Macek Best of luck to the Drum crew (and Simon), stay safe...what a great cause! £20.00
  80. Caroline Smith 'The very best of luck to all the crew onboard Drum. Remember, it's not the winning it's the taking £100.00
  81. Anonymous £50.00
  82. Stephanie Banks good luck Simon and all the crew!!! £100.00
  83. Izzy_Duranie Good luck to Drum, God Speed, be sfafe. Love to SlB £100.00
  84. Vicki Weinreich Good Luck Simon and crew!!! Be Safe! have Fun! £10.00
  85. Gerard Hynes Simon & Gang - Best of luck with the sailing & fundraising. Safe journey. £30.00
  86. S. Dua (sadumas) Good Luck with the fundraiser. It's a worthy cause. Another Duranie! £5.00
  87. Victoria put your lips together and blow £100.00
  88. JOE O'B Good luck to Simon & the crew of Drum with the fastnet race on 7/8/05. Love to all & take care. £50.00
  89. Jojanneke Kramer Good luck Simon & Crew, hope it will be a great experience, please stay safe! £20.00
  90. Michelle Hardman Best of Luck to Simon and the Drum Crew. Take Care, Be Safe and Have Fun. Also a Duranie! XOXO £10.00
  91. CUPCAKETHECAT In memory of Andy's father, Mr. Ron Taylor. Good luck Simon and crew. Have fun and stay safe! £10.00
  93. Michelle Knight GO BOYS!! See you in December Simon XXX £20.00
  94. duran2.net Good luck Simon and all the people with you! Safe and wonderful journey! £10.00
  95. Nat Ford Good Luck Simon and Crew, stay safe and see you in December @ Earls Court xxx £5.00
  96. shellsterdd Good luck to everyone participating in this event. (Simon as well) £10.00
  97. sunriseno1 Good luck Simon and crew - hope your journey is a safe one.x £5.00
  98. Anonymous £10.00
  100. Caroline Greenman This is for the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday!! also for Duran Duran for being there with their music for me during my difficult times £5.00
  101. Charlie Katagiri Third time might be the charm? Just don't wait another 20 years to have another go! £50.00
  102. Salena Thanks to the RNLI for making the Duran reunion possible! £5.00
  103. Sybil Lindstead Good Luck Simon and crew, you are an inspiration to all of us. God Bless you all!! £10.00
  104. Gosnell family A $1,000 contribution to a deserving charity in support of Phil Wade, our Captain on Timoneer £575.00
  105. teresa rose: safe journey £20.00
  106. JOE O'B:Don't forget everyone to continue to donate to the RNLI & buy your xmas gifts from RNLI to help too. £10.00
  107. Rick Tomlinson: Sorry I could not be with the guys this time, Great effort by Phil. £100.00
  108. Who will it be????   Click here to donate
  109. Tax Bonus : £526.03

        Total raised so far : £9,159.66

  1. Graeme Lindsay,Rowayton, CT, USA. I will be happy to Sponsor you for US$3 per mile for every mile you go further than last time.

Let us know if you make a donation, other than through our link on this page , by emailing terry@drumreunion.co.uk so that we can add your name to the list.

1979 Fastnet Race - RNLI Rescue "Regardless"

When we set out for the Fastnet Race in August 1979 it was with tremendous anticipation in terms of the Irish team and of course, for the success of our yacht 'Regardless'. the boat, designed by Ron Holland, was proving a worthy successor to 'Imp', Ron Holland's previous top Admiral's Cup boat in 1977. We were the leading individual boat of the Admiral's Cup fleet and were confident that 'Regardless' would do us proud in the Fastnet Race

The reality of the race was very different- the storm that hit us (whilst not being of any record strengths in itself) was sufficient to do tremendous damage to the fleet and to 'Regardless' itself when we lost our carbon fibre rudder. Without the assistance of the Baltimore Lifeboat one would have to wonder whether I would be in the happy position of writing this commemorative note. The bravery and efficiency which with the lifeboat crew illustrated that night when they came out to rescue us will always be remembered.

It was an extraordinary act of seamanship that the lifeboat crew were able (having twice failed) to get the tow rope to hold and to eventually get us to Baltimore in the early hours of the morning.

K.C. Rohan, 2/4/2004
Two years later, still under Ken's ownership, 'Regardless' went on to win the Fastnet race.

Extract by kind permission - "Fastnet Rock: An Charraig Aonair' by Eamon Lankford.